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AAOP Membership & Benefits

Continuing Education

AAOP’a Annual Scientific Meetings features cutting edge scientific knowledge with clinical take home value at a significant member discount.  Members are also invited to attend member only symposia and workshops such as the Dental Sleep Medicine Symposium that was offered this past October.  AAOP is working to develop mini-residencies, special interest groups and online continuing education.  AAOP members are also invited to attend sister academy meetings around the world at the sister academy member rate. Members are encouraged to attain certification by the American Board of Orofacial Pain (ABOP) which is a requirement for elevation to Fellow of the Academy status.  (ABOP is a separate organization who administers a board exam in orofacial pain).  AAOP MEMBERS RECEIVE SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNTS OFF ALL CE EVENTS AND FREE PODCAST CE.

AAOP Website & Member Directory

Inclusion in the AAOP Member Directory features a personalized profile page that can be linked with your professional website and all of your social media outlets.  You control what information is presented to the public and to members.

Subscription to the Journal of Orofacial Pain

Subscription to the Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache.


The Journal of Orofacial Pain & Headache is published quarterly and is the official Journal of the American Academy of Orofacial Pain, and the European, Australian, Asian, and Ibero-Latin Academies of Craniomandibular Disorders


This journal combines the work of dental and medical professionals involved in treating temporomandibular disorders. It discusses prevailing research, diagnostic techniques, and treatment therapies for orofacial pain, headache, mandibular dysfunction, and occlusion. Pharmacology, physical therapy, surgery, and other pain management methods are covered.


Full-text articles (including tables and figures) are available free of charge to paid subscribers from 2001 to the current issue.


Tables of contents and abstracts are available free of charge to subscribers and non-subscribers alike from 1987 to the current issue


Orofacial Pain Guidelines

AAOP Active and Fellow Members Receive Complimentary Orofacial Pain Guidelines upon publication.

AAOP Newsletter

The AAOP Newsletter is regularly distributed to all members via email and an archive is available on the website.  This is an excellent way to stay informed as to what is transpiring within the academy and the profession.

Professional Networking and Development

 AAOP offers access to world renowned leaders in the fields of OFP, TMD, Headache, Sleep and other associated disorders.  As a member you will have access to the Member Forum/List-serve, important professional development documents such as the OFP/ICD-10 Guide and information on the AAOP Member Directory that is not publically available.  Whether you have a technical question, billing issue or are looking to expand your practice, AAOP leaders are available to assist you and our archive of documents is at your fingertips.

AAOP Members Forum

The AAOP members forum will feature cutting edge case studies, member discussions and topical issues of concern to professionals who treat orofacial pain.

Patient Referrals and Information

Prospective patients are visiting the AAOP website and looking for you. In addition the AAOP office is contacted directly by 100-200 prospective patients each year and they are directed to the member(s) nearest them.  Various Patient Education Brochures are available at a nominal cost to AAOP members.  Additional patient information is posted online.


All AAOP members are eligible to vote for academy officers/directors and on all important policy decisions.  AAOP encourages its members, with an interest, to get involved in one of our committees.  Your knowledge and opinions matter to us and your level of involvement is up to you.  AAOP offers an annual leadership development program at no cost to its members.

Research & Training

AAOP actively and financially supports research via annual grants.  These grants are open to all professionals but the results of this research reaches AAOP members first.  AAOP is also active within the dental school community.  AAOP maintains the position of leadership within CODA when reviewing Orofacial Pain Programs at dental schools across the United States.  Orofacial pain program directors meet annually at the AAOP meeting to discuss the current trends in OFP education and training.


AAOP is first and foremost about people.  Many lifelong friendships and professional relationships have been fostered via AAOP membership.  For 40+ years professionals like you have been coming to AAOP for scientific knowledge, clinical insights and the support of fellow colleagues. 

AAOP Official Documents

The following documents are available for review by perspective members:   AAOP Bylaws Amended V and AAOP Code of Conduct mc