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AAOP Podcast #3 - Dr. Klasser Page 2 of 4

Podcast 3 Questions

1.      Is atypical facial pain an adequate term to describe neuropathic pain affecting the trigeminal system?

2.  According to the International Headache Classification, persistent neuropathic pain of the trigeminal nerve can be classified as persistent facial idiopathic pain (PFIP) or painful posttraumatic trigeminal neuropathy (PTTN)?

3. In painful posttraumatic trigeminal neuropathy (PTTN) there will be:

4.      Which of the following are considered positive signs of nerve dysfunction?

5.      Trigeminal neuropathy and trigeminal neuralgia are two different type of conditions

6.  The clinical experience of the operator placing the implants plays an important role in the incidence of painful posttraumatic neuropathy (PTTN):

7.      Which of the following types of stimuli can cause painful posttraumatic trigeminal neuropathy (PTTN)?

8.      What are the known risk factors associated to the painful posttraumatic trigeminal neuropathic pain (PTTN) during endodontic procedures?

9.      Which of the following is the most crucial tool for the diagnosis of trigeminal neuropathy?

10.   What are the management options available for neuropathic pain management?