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AAOP Podcast #1 - Dr. Okeson Page 2 of 4

Podcast 1 Questions

1.     What does TMJ stands for?

2.  Orofacial pain encompasses which of the following pain conditions?

3.     Which is the most prevalent cause of orofacial pain?

4.  Do temporomandibular joint noises, such as clicking or popping, require treatment?

1.     Is the etiology of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) multifactorial?

6.  Are occlusal factors related to the etiology of temporomandibular disorders (TMD)?

7.     Which of the following are also consider etiological factors for TMD?

8. Do patients that grind their teeth during sleep always develop temporomandibular disorders?

9.     Can a patient with acute temporomandibular disorders be managed by a general dentist?

10.     Which occlusal appliances are recommended for the management of temporomandibular disorders?